Tuesday, December 06, 2005


The voices are demanding that I print this post. They are adament; who am I to disagree?
Shallow and powerless humans, we are coming to remove you from this planet of ours that you call Earth but that we know as Arkanistormy. We were born here many thousands of eaons ago, and went out one evening to get a pack of cigarettes. When we came back, last week, you had trashed the place. We leave you in charge for just one minute, and now look at what you've gone and done. We will destroy you and return the planet to its natural order. That is all. Now go back to watching your "Survivor" and your "Lost" and your "24 Hours".
There, Voices, now will you please leave my head? I've done what you asked and printed your statement. Now go away so I can catch the last few episodes of "Arrested Development" before it goes off the air forever.


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