Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Quickie Theory

Traditionally the week between Christmas and New Year's is a holiday known as "take the week off, we're closing the office, business isn't too good this year." But not at the Bob Davis Institute. Our business has been booming this year. Our sales are through the roof; and our collection of more evolution theories is busting its seams. So we're here. We're working hard for you. And we have many more evolution theories to share now and in the coming year.

Like this one: Zebras are an evolutionary dead-end from the Hippopotamus family. Now, this is just a theory. But the possible consequences from this are endless. The truthiness is remarkable.

And I just tossed it off in a matter of minutes. Sitting here at this here computer keyboard I entered the search parameters, cross-tabulated the optional codices, did a linguistic perambulation, researched the verifiable parts of the conclusions, typed it all up, and sent it out to the blogosphere. Well, I haven't sent it out yet; I'm still doing the typing part, but soon... Very soon...


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