Monday, December 12, 2005

Pegasus Galaxy

Great Beings from the Pegasus Galaxy tell me that we are a small species of minor intelligence in a small corner of a minor galaxy over there in the left corner of the Universe. This is their opinion, I tell them, but we are not to be underestimated. For we are the Humans of Earth I tell them, and we are the particular Humans of Earth known as Americans. And underestimate us at your own risk.

The Great Beings from the Pegasus Galaxy laughed at my humorous remarks. And they told me a story, that I share with you now:
You Humans from Earth are a small species. Generally under 6 feet tall. We Pegasansians are over 12 feet tall; we are a Big Species.

Also, God made us a few billion years before he made you guys, so we are clearly the favored species, having been around for much longer, and being so much taller too.

Also, here on our planet we have a rich supply of oil, endless even, that we are able to tap to fuel all our cars and motor homes, and we'll never run out. It is a renewable resource on our planet. So there. Hahaha. Watch what happens to your planet when you run out of oil, a "non-renewable" resource on your puny planet. We've seen it happen before on other planets:

God invents a new intelligent species and places them on an uninhabited planet somewhere out in the wastelands and they grow smart enough to use the oil and then one day they use it all up and the species then goes extinct within a matter of months. Only we Pegasansians were placed on a planet with unlimited and renewable sources of oil, and so we live forever. Good luck to you Humans and your Earth planet.

And with that, the Pegasansian cut off communications. I have taken his warning to heart and have started a new research project to develop a renewable source of oil right here on Earth. I hope you will join me in my search for the impossible as we try to reinvent the planet in God's oil-stained image.


Blogger Peter said...

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