Friday, December 30, 2005

Mandate for the Coming Year

In a year filled with mandates, we come to the end of our first year posting onto this internets thingy, and I realize that now is the time to review our mandate for the coming year.

Well, it turns out we have none. It is a very sad thing to see that we are in the same position as the Bush Administration, what with all the promise earlier this year for a mandate whithering away in the cold harsh light of dawn.

So we bring you this, our internal mandate for you:

We promise to keep up the good work, whether you are with us or against us. We promise to complete our stated task to collect not just one or two theories, but all the theories of evolution the world has ever known.

And so today, I present for you a theory of evolution that is so full of holes it will not last even two more days into the New Year. A theory so pointless that it can be summed up in one word. And here is that word, after 5 full paragraphs of preface: statistical anomalies. This is the theory that the Universe, like the Bush Mandate, is merely a statistical anomaly, having no real chance of actually existing, and only exists at this moment for the inanity of mathematical impossibilistic actualities.


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