Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Billowing Ribbons of Consciousness

Back when the world was young and the skies were a lighter shade of blue; back when the mountains were a little bit softer and the air was a little bit saltier; back in time to a place we can't find in the history books but still, late at night, we can hear in our dreams; back then there were long streaming ribbons of consciousness billowing in the wispy airstreams of reality.

We were each there back then, each of us a new consciousness just waking up from the straightjacket of eternity. We were joined together, but not forced together. We were one because we wanted to be one, each color and texture and taste of the world streaming. And slowly we started to differentiate ourselves, each ribbon slowly tearing from the currents that surrounded the earth in those days. Some of us were not so good at the task of individuating and some of us went high into the atmosphere, some even ripping the fabric of the protective thick coat encircling the planet and releasing the air like balloons releasing their helium to the skies. And many were lost in those days, following the streams into the aether. Maybe they're still out there, still traveling outwards in the ever expanding universe; maybe they've found a new home, a new planet, where they're individuation can continue without fears.

But here on earth we were already fighting, claiming the land as our own, quickly picking our territories as we landed from the skies and changed the world to suit our new bodies that we found buried deep within the mud of the earth. We claimed our bodies and our small piece of the earth and as much surrounding land as we could. Our consciousnesses were now completely separated, and the billowing in the winds of eternity had stopped forever and placed us flat on our faces to fight for just a corner of the world, our world, alone.


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