Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Australian Mice

I've discovered one of the keys to the evolution of the mouse from the kangaroo in Australia. Even though I am not a biologist, evolutionary or otherwise, I do my experiments and follow up with peer-reviewed published reports right here on my weblog.

So I report to you (and the NSA operatives listening in) this finding: On the third section of Gene 23jh there is a small notch above the penultimate amino acid located underneath the oxalic perambulation that matches exactly with the same notch in the same place on kangaroos.

Now, you may ask if this correspondence proves causality. I mean, surely the kangaroo has evolved from the mouse and not vice-versa. But no, you would be wrong. Causality is proved because I am the cause of the original notch in the first place. So I can prove my Intelligent Design bonafides through the evolution of the Australian mouse from the Kangaroo and not vice-versa.


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