Friday, November 11, 2005

Warming Up

I'm back and warming up just fine - thanks for all the concerned emails.

I'd like to spend a moment here and mention a theory that is very early in its development. It may not even rise to the level of theory yet, so maybe I should shelve this post for a few months; but no, I feel that you the reading public deserves a look at this new and exciting field of study in the more evolution theories field of study.


Yes, ants. Ants are geniuses, according to this theory. And they're coming to get you soon. They're evolving at a rate faster than any other animal species, having mastered farming techniques, hunting and gathering, and building co-ops. Soon they will be using their massive musculature to threaten our dominance on earth, to threaten our very way of life.

Among the scientists researching this exciting new and burgeoning field of ants are Dr. Philip Weverka of the Oakland Institute of Michigan and Jennifer Tilly, the Hollywood actress.


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