Thursday, November 17, 2005

Vital Fluids

The 5th rib on some people is shorter, by 2mm, than would be expected by measuring the other ribs. This occurs in 3.22% of the population. This small piece of evidence is part of a larger plot to emasculate the young men of America.

It all started 62 years ago, when a body washed ashore on the coast of Eastern Washington. This body was mutilated in 6 places, and had a shorter 5th rib - the first to be discovered. Since then, 3.22% of all dead male bodies under the age of 25 have been discovered to have this same malformation.

In 1962 a key piece of evidence was revealed when the underground labs of Dr. Modesto were discovered in Brenda, Arizona. Dr. Modesto had died in a horrible industrial accident, but the one thing the investigators found that they were looking for is proof that Dr. Modesto was working on a Shrink-Ray Gun. (dum do dummm....)

In March of this year, the year 2005, on the 17th of March at dawn, before noon, another lab was discovered in Chillicoot, Montana. This lab was the lab of a Dr. Hildegard. Dr. Hildegard was working a new kind of Shrink Ray. A type of Shrink Ray that wouldn't require a gun! Thank god the authorities stopped Dr. Hildegard before he had perfected his new type of Shrink Ray, for otherwise there was the possibility that this new type of Shrink Ray would not have been confined to use on the 5th rib of nubile young American boys, but would have been used elsewhere, if you know what I mean.

Dr. Hildegard was close to emasculating American young men, once and for all, and then where would we have been? At the mercy of the French, that's where. Our women would have had a whole generation of babies from the Frenchmen that had been buying their airline tickets in anticipation of Dr. Hildegard's breakthrough. The entire American system of government would have collapsed within decades, and we would have all evolved into Frenchmen! (dum do dummm.....)

Thank god for the red blooded American FBI agents who saved us, saved all of us and our vital fluids, from contamination by the French.


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