Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Jesse Sonderbroden of Listings, MT has been working on his Masters in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Monata, Listings. however, he has a personal bias towards an alternate theory of evolution he has agreed to share with us.
There are sixteen aural tones that can be heard by the human ear. And there are sixteen distinct colors that can be visualized from a distance of 16m by the human eye. And there are sixteen different breeds of pack animals that can be used to hike the Grand Canyon. There are also sixteen Cloud formations, sixteen qualified Sherpas on Mt. Everest, sixteen types of angels that can all work together to get themselves to fit on the head of a pin, and most importantly of all sixteen separate clearly distinct gene groups in the human genome. These are not merely coincidences; they are facts. And the facts point the way to the truth, the true mechanism of evolution: Crystals. Sixteen-sided hexamegahagonagonal crystalline Crystals. From the Ukraine.

All the energy in the world that comes from the sun is redirected through these crystals and comes out the other end as usable energy in the form of sixteens. This energy is taken by biological units in increments of sixteen and used to create new life forms at sixteen millenia-year intervals. Sixteen wise men are currently working on a new engine that will take over this formulation and use it to power a V16 engine. And then we will be independent of the sixteen middle-east countries in OPEC that control all our vital fluids.
OK, so this doctoral student may not be the sharpest tack in the cupboard.


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