Monday, November 07, 2005

The Scientific Approach

From Scientific American (really!) we find that life arrived on earth from elsewhere in the cosmos, probably Mars:
(L)iving cells or their precursors arrived from space... from an extraterrestrial seed....

(E)arly in its history our solar system... included many worlds with liquid water... (L)ife existed on Mars long ago.... Life... also evolved on Europa, Jupiter's fourth-largest moon.... Venus... support(s) microbial life high in its atmosphere....

(A)ll life, and indeed all things, originated from the combination of tiny seeds pervading the cosmos....

(T)he first microbes... arrived from space. In the chaotic early history of the solar system, our planet was subject to intense bombardment by meteorites containing simple organic compounds. The young Earth... also received more complex molecules with enzymatic functions.... After landing in a suitable habitat on our planet, these molecules... continued their evolution to living cells....

(A) tiny percentage of the Martian rocks arriving on Earth's surface... with... organisms buried deep in the rock would certainly survive.

(Link from Plan 8 and 3quarksdaily)


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