Friday, November 04, 2005


The young woman I met last week outside Wichita, Karen, was very nice to me when I had a flat tire outside her diner. She called AAA for me, and gave me a piece of pie with a cup of golden brown coffee. The she told me about the farm she grew up on,
We were poor, but not too poor. We raised chickens and grew corn and sorghum. But these weren't enough and we didn't make ends meet. So my dad started growing new crops, but he wouldn't tell us what they were. They grew about 4 feet high, and had large glowing blooms that opened into seed pods shaped like milkweed. My dad would ship these pods off to be processed, and he would receive 42¢ each for them, a lot of money back then.

So one day, I'm loading these seed pods into the truck and one of them starts jiggling a little, like there's something alive in it. Then it glows an ungodly green and gets hot, real hot. Too hot to handle, so I dropped it and ran. I never looked back. This happened about 6 weeks ago, and I've been working in this diner ever since.

Now I don't know nothing about what was in those pods, but now when I talk to my folks on the phone, they're pretty quiet and don't sound anything like they used to. They're fundamentalists, and they talk fire-and-brimstone a lot, but not recently. They now seem, well, happier. But also quieter. When I mentioned something about Iraq, they made happy gurgling sounds and said how good that man Bush sure is for the country and we've finally gotten to where we need to be and all our problems are finally over too. Scary-like.

So I figure I'm not going back there any time soon; but those pods - where were the trucks heading? There are plants in 15 states that "process" those pods, so I figure there heading to a place NEAR YOU.
Now, I have tried to make sense of this tale of hers, and all I can think of is that these pods are the next step in human evolution; so I have decided to give in to the pods when they come, and let myself be evolved into the future. Any day now I too will believe that all our problems have been solved by Bush, and then I'll make some happy gurgling sounds.


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