Sunday, November 27, 2005


My french clone, Pierre, asked me to pass along a theory of evolution that his boyfriend Jacques has discovered. Jacques is not an Evolutionary Biologist, nor a scientist of any kind. So to say he "discovered" this theory is merely a literal statement of fact: Jacques discovered this theory in his garden one day when he was sowing some hibiscus seeds.

It was written up in nice neat handwriting, seven pages in total, with a plastic cover. It seems the neighbor boy, Montieul, had lost his college entrance essay, and had to come over later that evening to retrieve it from Jacque and Pierre. But before he left with it for school the next morning, Jacques copied it out. And Pierre immediately thought of sending it to me so that I could publish this 7 page hand-written, hand-copied, hand-translated and re-copied, essay on the Evolutionary Theory of Cloning.

Tomorrow I promise I will have it entered into the computer, all 7 pages of it, and will publish it here on this Internet site, for all the world to read and appreciate. Because Montieul is a very smart and beautiful young man, so my French clone Pierre tells me, and he has invented a very significant new Theory of Evolution. I shall see. And tomorrow, so shall you. Bon chose, mon ami.


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