Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More about Cloning

Cheryl Pododnik of Renfred, WI has emailed to tell me that the last post about Cloning is wrong. She say that there are human clones. Humans have been able to clone themselves for thousands of years. And we can do it through parthenogenesis.

Her theory of evolution is that humans have been cloning themselves since at least the year 5223BC. At that time, various leaders of various tribes got together and created a giant clone army to defeat the alien invaders.

The result was a huge success - both in terms of removing the alien threat, and also in terms of creating a future genetic database for all of humanity. We are the results of that clone army, that genetic database. In effect, we are all the children of 4 great rulers from that era - Hirarcsicalyeti, Fridascherbertandrob, Pentaclepotterpitty, and Jeff.

Where we think we are the product of our parents, through the insemination of the father's sperm into the mother's egg, through the act of sexual congress, in fact that is a smokescreen. We are all parthenogenetically enhanced versions of these 4 great rulers of the past. And glad of it, too. So it seems that Pierre really may be my French Clone after all. And glad for it, too.


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