Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Lying has no evolutionary basis in the human genome. Any lying currently being done by any Bush administration sources is clearly and completely extra-evolutionary. In fact, I think one can state very clearly that this is proof of a failure of evolution to be able to account for all forms seen in nature in the environs of Washington DC.

So I have formulated a new Theory of Evolution to account for this. This theory states that all government officials are from the Simpsons Treehouse of Terror episodes where the aliens Kang and Kodo

come down and take over the political structure of our country. I think this is not simply idle speculation. Based on a very careful and intense research project into the sources of the current Lying in Washington, one can parse the words ever closer and ever more closer than that even, and between the lines is not simply a stated refutation of that Wilson guy's story about his wife, the Plame woman, but more importantly, underlying all the Lies is a story about World Conquest. First the Aliens came and infected the US goverment. Then they conquered Iraq. Next comes Syria and then France, and then THE WORLD! The aliens will then have conquered the entire world for their species, which will move in and become our neighbors, and interbreed with us too. We will then lose all ability to not to Lie. Then we will be a dead species, as far as the Universe is concerned. The end of Evolution as we know it! Thus proving once and for all, conclusively, that Lying by the Government is the End of Evolution as We Know It, Dammit.


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