Wednesday, November 16, 2005


OK, the research is in, and there's a recently discovered fungal colony on the moon. No, really. Go check out the NASA links, and then come back, I'll wait.

Good. So what does this mean for future evolution theories? Oh, it means a lot. For instance, if it turns out the fungal colony has a strong leader, then that would imply that we have evolved to respect authority. On the other hand, if the fungal colony on the moon is leaderless, then civil rights would be paramount. And if the colony is not only leaderless, but also rudderless, then clearly we were not meant to have sailed across the seas, and so we should all go back to Africa where people came from. So you can see how this new finding of a fungal colony on the moon is critical to the future of evolution theories. And none too soon, I may add.

I will bring you all the latest updates on this fascinating new branch of research, fungolutionariology, as soon as the scientists finish their initial studies. Get to it guys! (And gals!)


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