Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dimensional Instabilities

One theory of evolution comes to us from deep within the theory of Quantum Mechanics in the field of study known as theoretical physics. Superstring Theory, one of many possible grand unified theories, contains more than 3 space dimensions. In fact, there may well be 10 space dimensions! And one of those dimensions is the dimension on which evolution occurs! It is the 7th dimension. It is curled up tightly as a ball on top of the 5th dimension, beside the 6th dimension which also expands into the 8th dimension. The 9th and 10th dimensions are unspeakable (Evil resides in the 9th dimension, while Dick Cheney's bunker is in the 10th). The 4th dimension is to be found in your grandmother's purse, thus providing a convenient place for you to store your old car keys.

Back to the 7th dimension, the evolution dimension. It turns out that we can move forward and backward (Symmetry) on all three space dimensions (up/down, forward/backward, left/right), and the time dimension (future/past). But the 7th dimension turns out to be one directional - you can only move forward. Thus we find on one end of the evolution dimension: Dinosaurs. And on the other end we find: Birds. Remarkable! On one end we find Proto-Monkeys, and on the other we find Homo-Homo-Sapiens! Amazing! This 7th dimension sure solves a lot of the mysteries we find in the world.


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