Monday, November 28, 2005


Cloning does not yet exist on Earth for people. While plants are regularly cloned, and some animals as well; Dolly the Sheep was an imperfect copy. And people are more complex than Dolly. So we are not yet able to clone you. Or you either, so give it up. You will not be able to clone an army of yourself to battle the evil empire with. Not gonna happen.

Unless you live on the planet Argherastic. There, the very intelligent people are not so complex. They've been able to clone themselves for millenia. Which has made their planet quite crowded with Argherastical peoples. So they've colonized other planets, directly affecting the evolutionary prospects of many planets - basically stopping evolution of higher beings right in its tracks, as the hordes of clones have filled the niche for intelligent life on these new planets before it could evolve naturally. And no natural disasters, of their own making or not, have stopped them in their tracks, since there is an unexhaustible supply of clones to replace all the dead ones. And there are lots of dead clones roaming the Universe right now as we speak.

Fortunately for us Earthlings, we were not visited by these hordes and hordes of clones before we evolved. However, we are now being inundated by them. So it is possible that we will not be able to further evolve. Hard to say.

But what is more important is the fact that these clones are warming up our atmosphere with all their "exhaust". Millions of clones have landed on earth and we are now starting to see the consequences of their being here - Global Warming. Oy, what will we do?

We cannot clone ourselves and go out into the wide wide Universe searching for planets to colonize. No, we are stuck here on this big blue marble we call Earth. And the temperature is rising. And the clones are coming at an ever faster rate. And I'm typing here as fast as I can, trying to get the word out, but to no avail. NO AVAIL! Please help.


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