Saturday, November 19, 2005

Big Brains

Big Brains control the Universe. They decide which planet will be the next one to be blessed with an oxygen-rich atmosphere, when plants will evolve flowers, whether animals will be big like dinosaurs or small like ameobas, and even what time of day will be Afternoon Tea. They leave nothing to chance. They control the fleas and the ticks, the wood nymphs and the naiads, the tressle bridges and the sewer pipes. For they are the Big Brains.

The live in a sector of the Universe known to them as Sector 1A. Earth is a planet they created in Sector n1240bnv bv;p. ,./vv.

Monkeys are their favorite animal they created on earth. They love their shenanigans in the jungles. They are starting to get mad at us humans for chopping down the jungles. Something may have to be done. The Big Brains may have to travel back here to earth at any moment to correct some errors in the machine. We are powerless to stop them, for they are the Big Brains.


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