Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Windy Last Night

I was lying awake last night, unable to sleep at 3am, when a heard the wind outside my window, billowing past in gusts and shaking the frame. It was a beautiful evening out there, glowing in the moonlight as the tree branches whipped back and forth, dropping their remaining leaves into the gutters. So I decided to search the internets for any news of the impending Rove/Libby/Cheney indictments and still, we are waiting. The hunt is on, but quietly we wait in our blinds. Just like we did in the caveman days, stalking our prey, quietly waiting for the giant dinosaurs to be felled by a federal prosecutor. I mean... to throw our spears into the heart of the deer so we could have some protein for dinner to go along with the lovely fruits and nuts that the womenfolk had been collecting.

And still the wind was blowing across the panes of glass of my warm bedroom window, and still the hunting goes on in the north woods, searching for moose and caribou. While Washington is abuzz with dinosaurs roaming the halls of justice. Yes, the dinosaurs and homo sapiens do in fact live together in peace and in harmony, as their 6000 year old history together demonstrates. But no, this post has no other purpose but to be a wistful way to wait for the watchful eyes of Washington to fall on the wasted carcass of the W machine.


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