Friday, October 21, 2005

Swamp Monster

Last week the National Enquirer ran a story about a sixteen-headed swamp monster. This got me thinking, "What if there are sixteen-headed swamp monsters?" So I went to Kentucky last Friday to search for a sixteen-headed monster in a swamp down there. I flew into Frankfort, and from there I drove a rented car to Midway, where I spent the night at the Holly Hill Inn and had a lovely chicken dinner. The waitstaff was very nice, and gave me directions to a swamp off of Indian Creek Road.

I hiked into the swamp, deep deep into the swamp, way far from the main road, where the sounds of civilization could not penetrate, except for the sounds coming from the visitor's parking lot, and set up camp. I spent the weekend amongst the swamp bugs and swamp gasses. But I didn't see any sixteen-headed swamp monsters, thus disproving the National Enquirer's Swamp Monster Theory of Evolution.

However, I did find a three-headed frog by the name of Earl who was well-versed on Cervantes and Beowulf. He also had read Darwin's Origin of Species in the original German and believes there are certain aspects of his theory of natural selection that do not correspond with reality from the amphibian perspective.


Anonymous Amy said...

Was the frog married?

7:31 PM  
Blogger Bob Davis said...

No, I believe he was not married.

6:33 AM  

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