Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Signs III

16 signs of Young-Earth Creationism, right there in your kitchen.
  1. Eggs are delicious and come pre-wrapped in their own protective shell.
  2. Formica table top allows spills to be cleaned up quickly and completely - like magic!
  3. For men: Dinner appears on the table every night, like magic.
  4. For women: The garbage disappears from the kitchen and magically reappears out at the curb once every week!
  5. Chocolate is heavenly.
  6. Eggs can be prepared scrambled, fried, or poached!
  7. A1 Steak Sauce makes everything taste better!
  8. When making bread, a little added sugar will make the loaf rise a little higher!
  9. When making bread, a dash of salt will keep the loaf a little smaller!
  10. Add a little Egg and soy sauce to rice in a sauce pan and it becomes Fried Rice!
  11. On the 5th day god created the Egg.
  12. And on the 6th day god created our taste buds, perfectly aligned with the Garden of Eatin'.
  13. Tables have 4 legs - and so do chairs!
  14. Countertop stoves and built-in wall ovens!
  15. Cows are delicious, when made into chicken-fried steaks.
  16. Eggs!


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