Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Science of Superbeings

A race of superbeings roamed the galaxies until about seven billion years ago. They were created in the original blast of the Big Bang, the expanded matter in the expanding Universe, and erupted into full personhood faster than any other species. They evolved into Superbeings over the course of hundreds of millions of years, and thus were like gods before our sun and solar system was ever formed. But they were the only advanced species in the entire Universe for their entire run. They searched the galaxies from left to right and from top to bottom, but lo they were alone in the Universe. In fact, there weren't a whole lot of planets around at the time at all. Not much had yet congealed into galaxies even. A few Black Holes were scattered about, some dust, a few dimensions were busy curling up; not much going on in the early Universe.

Their technology for interstellar travel consisted of Quantum Microbial Halos, which when harnessed to Spherical Globules would form a potent system of travel. They were able to visit the far reaches of the Universe, which was smaller back then. But they died off in a flare accident, about seven billion years ago. Fortunately for us, they left behind their Quantum Microbial Halo/Spherical Globule travel system. This system was scattered to the winds of the Universe, and now resides on every single planet in every single star system known to exist. A few of the microbes discovered that they were evolving - a few of them here and there had combined into slightly larger and more sophisticated species.

Now the original Superbeings operated the Quantum Microbial Halo/Spherical Globule travel system by supplying the power for the system themselves! The system only works for larger creatures who are electrically charged with enough positive ions and such stuff as that.

We are so charged. We are evolved further enough from these microbes, that if only we can find them, we will be able to use this remarkable system of travel to travel around the entire Universe and visit all the other planets out there that also have other microbes on them, which is all of them. A new field of study has thus been created to discover and explicate on these microbes, thus returning us to our origins as the progeny of Superbeings. This field is called the Science of Superbeings, and has led by a Dr. Shalliwall of the Walters Institute in Denver, Colorado since 1992. Good luck, Dr. Shalliwall, we are all hoping for your continued success.


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