Friday, October 07, 2005

The Invisibles

In this, the year 2005, we are very modern and children of the enlightenment and done with wacky superstitions too. Nobody believes in Zeus or Odin or Pixies or Witches that float (or is it sink?) or Alien hybrid babies or Big Mountain Thunder Gods or Gardening at Night or the Tower of Babel or the Burning of Paris or Alchemy turning coal into diamonds or the Tooth Fairy or President Bush.

And yet, still there are people who believe that Aliens are amongst us. And this is no dark-ages type superstitious nonsense. Because it is true. Aliens walk amongst us.

They are big and furry and range in color from burnt umber to chartreuse, but they hide their bulk well.

They are smelly and fatuous, but hide these things also; hiding these things being something they are good at. They are there, but they hide their presence. How do they do this?

For they are the Invisibles.

Who are these Invisibles? They are our alien progenitors and our alien overloards and our alien friends and our alien neighbors too. They made us and they can break us. They control all the reins of power and all the reins of the rain, causing droughts and hurricanes and earthquakes too. They are good and they are evil and they are nice and they are horrible.

For these alien overlords, these Invisibles, are, if not nothing, then something. For they are US.


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