Monday, October 03, 2005


God created the entire Universe. But who created god? It turns out that god lives outside the universe in a community of gods. Well, the ones who are gods are the ones who have chosen to create universes. That's what makes them gods. The others are just good people. But who made the gods then? Well, clearly they evolved from lesser gods into higher gods. But still, we must ask the question who made god?

The answer is Grendel, the gentle giant. Grendel made the first god out of the dust of the pre-universe. Before the Big-Bang, the eternity (i.e. the pre-universe) was very dusty indeed. So Grendel decided to make a small and insignificant god out of this dust. And this god was alone in the eternity, so Grendel created a few more gods as playmates. Grendel was happy with his work. But then god and the gods started making universes. And Grendel was not happy anymore. So Grendel left the eternity to the gods and took his dust and went home. And ever since then the gods have used the less dusty eternity as their playground and every now and then create new universes in the sandbox.


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