Saturday, October 22, 2005

Black Holes

Two twin brothers, John and Barthole, were born on a cold December morning in the country of Gerretta on the planet Harrsale, in the Galaxy Hintoph, in Universe #8b. They were outcasts among their friends. So they learned science and physics and biology and statistics and many other fields of study. And then they studied black holes. From this knowledge, they first created a small black hole, 16" across, that was stable. And then they created a larger black hole that swallowed up their galaxy. The first black hole lives on inside the 2nd black hole, and inside that first black hole there is a Universe, created by John and Barthole, unbeknownst to them, known as Universe #214u32423fs. This is our Universe. Our laws of physics were determined by the type of black hole that John and Barthole created in their spare time between classes rather than playing soccer like all the other boys. Then they destroyed their galaxy with a larger black hole. We are the only children of these two fathers; these two gods, if you will.


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