Tuesday, October 18, 2005

50 States

There are 50 States in the United States of America. And there are 50 Presidents forseen by Nostradamus in 1333AD. Considering that there wasn't even a US back then, that sure can't be a coincidence. So if we look at the facts: Bush 43 is the 43rd President, leaving us with 7 more Presidents. So in the year 2048 the 50th President of the United States of America, who shall remain nameless since she is but a young child right now, will preside over the change-over from Democracy to Oligarchy.

No wait, that was the 43rd President in charge of that bit... Oh yeah, the 50th President oversees the splitting of the 50 States into the 500 City States. Then the 75th President will oversee, wait... no that's not right, I've already shown how there will only be 50 Presidents total, so there won't be a 75th President. OK, right, I rechecked the numbers and the 25th Emperor of the 500 Collected City States of Americasia will be overseeing the dismantling of the Earth's crust, as foretold in the year 655BC by the Knight Amadis.

Now as proof, we are told that the Knight Amadis also foretold the genetic origins of the species, over 2500 years before the discovery of Mendelian Genetics by Gregor Samsa. No wait, it was Gregor Samsa who discovered the insect origins of humans. But he didn't know anything about genetics, given that he was not a scientist. It was Parc de la Villette who discovered Genetics in Paris on a rainy day, when confronted by the bright red blood dripping from his dead wife's prostrate body.

No wait, that can't be right. His wife died from Palsy three years later. And Parc de la Villette wasn't even born on that rainy day in Paris. I seem to recall a shady character named Ishmael, but that's not right either. I'm sure he was on Nantucket at the time.

Well, I think I recall that genetics was discovered in time for genetic testing to be used in the murder trial of Al Capone. But he was convicted anyway, since the testing was still in its earliest stages. Oh well.


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