Friday, September 09, 2005


Shadows are the primary movers of creation and evolution in the world. It is in the shadows that species are created and in the shadows that species are evolved.

Shadows are intelligent beings from a different dimension. They don't call themselves "shadows" of course. They call themselves Graeckels.

They are 3-dimensional beings, just like us, except they live on 3 other dimensions than us. But they are advanced and have developed the technology to enter our dimensions at will, with the effect of appearing as shadows. In this shadow form they are able to perform many magical tricks as well as some fantastical supernaturalistic stuff too. And some transubstantiarific dodges as well.

When we see new species appearing in the fossil record they see games being played out on a chess-board-like board. They are benign in their intent, but they do not realize what they do in our dimension - they cannot "see" us, for they are but shadows.


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