Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sad Gods

When the gods created the earth, they also created all the plants and all the animals and all the people too. They each one had their own job to do and some gods were involved with creating the mammals while some were involved with creating the reptiles, and so on.

The gods were a jealous are warring group. They did not really like each other. So they were competing for linited resources in creating all the different species on Earth. And so they created more species than the planet could handle.

So some of the species created in the original creation have not yet been born. They are waiting in the wings, so to speak. Now some of the other gods came up with the idea of using evolution as a way to move the species along; to get from one species whose time was up, to another species whose time was yet to come. And the warring tribes all liked this idea. So the gods included in each and every species a built-in time limit - longer for some than others - at which point it would be time for them to evolve into another species.

And this system has worked well over the years. Until today. Now we are starting to kill off more species than are ready to be killed off, and the new ones are not yet ready to take their places, and so much genetic material is being lost forever. There are some species waiting in the wings who it looks like may never get their chance to live on earth. This makes the gods sad. Soon they will be so sad that they will have to come back to earth and correct the balance that we humans have shifted off kilter. And then maybe all the species will be able to get themselves back on track.

Until then, the gods remain sad.


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