Thursday, September 01, 2005


The President of the United States is the leader of all of us, US and them too; Leader of the whole world. Throughout history the President has shown leadership on many issues of importance to many people in their day; many of which issues remain forgotten to this day. One of these forgotten issues is the leadership exhibited by President Franklin Pierce.

President Franklin Pierce is a forgotten man; practically an unknown - do you know him? But in his day he was the President of the United States - a great and powerful title. But more than that - he was a Leader. He led the effort to sequence the human genome. This part of history was long forgotten until recently; but make no mistake about it - he was a leader, since he was the President at the time.

And with the information they had at that time, they began the first experiments in genetic engineering. First they took a small elephant and from it they engineered the cow. Thus President Franklin Pierce led the effort that created the steak. A greater gift to humanity had never been known.

Next they took a small blade of grass and from it they engineered corn. mmmmmm... corn on the cob.....

But really, President Franklin Pierce was just getting started. He personally took the human genome and from it he created the first biogenetiheretic person, Man. We are all now descendents of this original Man as created by President Franklin Pierce. He was a great leader, leading Man from out of the flood and into the modern world. Leadership.

For more proof of this theory, take a look inside your personal genome, and you will see Franklin Pierce's fingerprints all over it. Go ahead, I'll wait here. There's the electron microspoce, go ahead. No, really, I'll wait....


Blogger Jazz said...

I have no problem in believing in evolution and a higher being. Whether we came through evolution serves little importance anyway, instead, its more important to see that in fact, as a civilisation, it would seem that we are evolving in new, weird and wonderful ways. Everything seems to adapt to its environment so perfectly, if this is not evolution, then what is it?

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