Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jackson Pollock

Art and Science came together in the 2oth century in the person of Jackson Pollock. He understood more about the creation and evolution of the world than most people, and he expressed his knowledge and intelligence in irreducibly complex drip paintings.

His background was as a PhD in Anthropology and Archeology, while also a doctoral candidate in Biology and Astronomy at the Westchester Institute, neither of which he completed before his untimely death in 1971. But he made his mark as a painter in the rough and tumble macho world of New York Painters in the 50s. Recently, MRI scans of his paintings have confirmed the biological underpinnings of his work, and the theoretical backbone therein.

As recently proven by Dr. Jack Kansas of the Pituitary Institute of Rochester, NY, the drips represent the evolutionary lines of the different species of life on earth, while the underlying (hidden) layers revealed by the MRIs represent the alien origins of the different lines. What's most fascinating is how the reds and the blues are used to show that the plants and red-green algae arrived on earth from 3 distinct galaxies in the Pleiades region of space. Yet the greens and yellows are clearly indicating closer-to-home origins for sea mammals and amphibians - surprisingly enough Pollock does indeed posit that these animals originated in the oceans of Mars.

I have been very interested recently in the development of the black strains in the later paintings. For whereas in his early oeuvre the black lines are indistinguishable from the grey lines representing gastropods with their potent slime trails, in later paintings the black lines clearly become separate and often are seen overlaying the red lines! I know this may seem shocking, but in retrospect it does appear that Pollock had evidence of the appearance of primates from the hidden star systems in sector 20-3666!

We all owe a debt of gratitude to Jackson Pollock for his tireless efforts, and for the good people in Rochester NY who have followed up on their implications.


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