Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Harald and the Sun God

The Sun God, Garrett, Sent down a beam of light to the forest, where Dani the Lioness was living. She became pregnant with Garrett's child, and soon she gave birth to a new and mysterious creature never before seen in the jungle- a boy. She named this boy Harald. Harald grew up big and strong and fierce, but he was lonely because he was the only human in the jungle.

So Harald went up to his father, the Sun God Garrett, and demanded a companion. Garrett told Harald that first he had to prove himself, and gave him four tests. The tests were Bees, Snakes, Torrents of water, and Fire. Harald proved himself at all the tests that his father the Sun God could provide. So Garrett agreed to make him a companion. And in the clearing in the jungle there stood a beautiful boy named Jason.

Jason and Harald became best friends, and more. They fostered all the orphan animals in the jungle, but they could not have any children of their own. So Harald went to his father and asked him to help make some more people. Garrett the Sun God then sent down a woman, named Esther, and she had many children and populated the earth. And Harald and Jason were their fathers and they lived happily ever after watching over all mankind for all time.


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