Thursday, September 08, 2005

Entropy and Young Earth Creationism

The entropy in the universe is inversely proportional to its absolute temperature. The universe is a cold cold place and yet there are pockets of high entropy that lead one to speculate on the inverse relationship of the stars to the black holes present in any static system.

It can be inferred that there are at least 1600 (212) possible combinations of statistical models to explain the evidence present from the original Big Bang.

Therefore, accounting for the random fluctuations resolved in Maxwell's Planck Constant, there is a 98% chance that Earth is a planet inhabited by plants and animals in balance and equilibrium forever. However, there is also a 2% chance that as the entropy of this closed system increases and the resultant heat generated is released, one can also expect the release of the demons, and the gradual decoherence of the entire system.

This then is the most comprehensive evidence for the existence of God and the proof that the Young-Earth Creationists have been searching for.


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