Monday, September 12, 2005

Blue-Green Algae

Two very powerful alien races were battling it out one fine day back in the ancient days of Earth, back before there was any life on Earth at all. It was back-and-forth all day long; one race of superaliens would get the upper hand and looked like they were about to crush the other race of superaliens. But then the tide would turn and they would be back in the middle again, no ground gained. These races were vicious, violent monsters, ready to kill anyone and anything in their way with their advanced technology. This battle happened across the expanses of the galaxy - thousands of light-years were crossed in each foray. Planets were being destroyed willy-nilly and the energy of countless suns was being consumed to power their weapons.

Finally evening had come and the aliens sat down to dinner and ate their fill and then they slept the sleep of the mighty and the just. Except one of the races was tricky. Very tricky. While the other race race was asleep, the first race stole all their ships and left them stranded on a desolate planet on the edges of one arm of the galaxy. When they awoke to find they were without weapons or ships or technology of any kind, the aliens were distraught. When they realized where they were in the galaxy, they cried out in anguish. For they were on a planet called Earth, a lifeless planet that had not yet been touched by creation. So these aliens set up camp and became the first lifeforms on earth. And from them, these aliens, what we now know as blue-green algae, all life on earth evolved over the course of many millenia.


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