Friday, September 02, 2005

The Benevolent Creator Cycle

In the Arabian desert there lies a grave far below the sands that have collected over time. This is the grave of Frugo Pargo, King of Durugustanistan. Frugo was a benevolent dictator back in the days when dictators were benevolent. That was the year 1422BC1. But most interesting about this grave is that it matches exactly a grave in China in the Gunghao district of a King known as Xeixi Yuan Huan. And he too was a benevolent dictator. And he too lived in the year 1422BC2.

In fact, there is some evidence of other Kings in other cities and other provinces all around the world from that era. And it is very possible, even highly probable, that they are all the same man. Or clones. Or maybe they're 4 dozen identical brothers; that cannot be ruled out. But anyway, genetic testing was done in 19923 and redone in 20014 and the evidence has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that they share the same genetics. And carbon dating aligns with documents and the dating of these men is pretty much an absolute certainty too.5

Nanci Pecker of the Headroom Institute in Emeryville, California has an unpublished thesis6 demonstrating a remarkable similarity to an even more ancient king, King Abbadabadabad of Assyria, who ruled in 3202BC.

Philip Weverka of Oakland, California has speculated in the UFO Handbook7 that there is in fact an entire cycle of Kings throughout the entire history of the world that come every 712 years, and include both Kings David and Arthur of legend. The same ones. Mr. Weverka has speculated that they are a race of gods who come back to earth periodically to look in on their creations, while also stepping in to human affairs as benevolent dictators to bring us back onto the right course, in a theory he has called the Benevolent and Godly Creators Who Come Back Cyclically to Nudge us Back onto the Right and Holy Course of Evolution, or more succinctly, The Benevolent Creator Cycle. Thus he predicts we can expect a new correction cycle in 2007, between May and November inclusive.

UPDATE: I have received an email from someone purporting to be Philip Weverka, requesting me to issue an errata. As I do not know what an "errata" is, and as I have not been able to verify that this email comes from someone who is actually named Philip Weverka, I will append the email in toto:
Mr. Davis:

I have found my name in your blog attributing some evolutionary theories to me. Because these are not my theories and are not theories to which I
subscribe, I respectfully request that you remove my name from the blog or issue an errata.

Thank you,

Philip Weverka

As this unknown person claiming to be a "Philip Weverka" has not asked for a retraction, and none is due anyway, please do not mistake this update as a retraction of the post above. I stand 100% behind the post.

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8 what? no more footnotes? well, here's one more just for fun: The Design Revolution: Answering the Toughest Questions About Intelligent Design by William A. Dembski, Intervasity Press, 2004, pp.122-124.


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