Monday, August 22, 2005

Spaceship Earth

It's like we live on a large spaceship, called Earth, that is hurtling through the cosmos at faster than light-speed. And we humans are parts of the ship's engine, and the plants are the fuel, and the other animals are the mindless drones that run the ship. And as this great ship called earth is hurtling to its destiny, we are hurtling too. And as a spaceship must evolve or crash into that meteor over there, so too must we let our spaceship, called Earth, evolve. And as the control units on the spaceship must grow longer and longer control sticks so that the young masters can reach the peddles while sitting on a telephone book to see through the windshield, so too must we grow in our intelligence to see over the windshield of life while we are still such a young species, here on earth. And the Giraffes must grow their longer necks so they can stick their neck out for us and check the rear view mirror to make sure we really have missed that comet over there. And the octopus tentacles can reach out and push the comet away before it is too late, and the alligators are scary so the aliens won't try to board our spaceship, a metaphor called Earth.


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