Friday, August 26, 2005

Pixie Dust

This theory was more prevalent during the middle ages (also known as the "dark ages" or "when dragons ruled the earth"). However, it has made a comeback in recent years thanks to the bestselling non-fiction books "When Pixies Attack" (1992) and, "How to Harness the Pixie Within; A Guide to Solving all Your Problems in one Easy Step." (2004) While related to Fairies, it is a common misconception to link the Fairy Theory of Evolution with the Pixie Theory of Creationism. In addition, there are several Intelligent Elf theories that are inherent in the Cuiviénen view of the world.

Here then is the seminal version of the Pixie Theory from the 1833 book, "Where Doth the Pixie Land?" by Byron von Hertzberg:
Sometimes it seems to us mere mortals that we cannot even see the pixies, so therefore one must question their very existence. This viewpoint is terribly, terribly wrong. Violently, viciously wrong. Horribly, meanly wrong.... wrong... patently false, spurious, ....wrong...

If you examine the structure of the human eye, it is irreducibly complicated, and complex, and certainly of such fine tiny structure as to be beneath the purview of God.... Clearly, god has delegated many of his tasks to the creatures of the forest.... And when you examine all the details, you will notice the particular structure of the eye. Across from the ciliary body, where the fovea is delicately inserted into the surface of the retina, there are sixteen tiny pillaries formed from the remains of the original pixie dust that was used to create the heavens. This is the hallmark of the work of pixies....

Clearly God has delegated the creation of man to the pixies. Woman is a different matter entirely...
(Where Doth the Pixie Land, pp13-22., Harcourt Press, London, 1833)


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