Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Intelligent Light

And on the 6th day the lord god made the Clapper, so that Americans would not have to get up from the couch after watching TV, but praise be to the intelligent light for allowing man to lie down in comfort with no light to shine in his eyes. An so unto man came the refrigerator, and the light therein was harsh, expensive, and it came in small bulbs. And so it was His decision to make intelligent light for the refrigerator, and lo the light turned off when the door was closed. These are the benefits we receive for Your blessing. These are the lights that are more evolved, more intelligent, more like unto god. For verily they were created in His image at the very beginning of time, the time when he said unto his unformed universe, "let there be intelligent light." And there was intelligent light, and it was good. And so the search for intelligent light in the universe was complete.


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