Saturday, August 27, 2005

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a fine, fine man. He freed the slaves, and he won the Civil War and he invented the tall black hat and he was very intelligent and carved his own figure into Mount Rushmore. I would venture to say that Abraham Lincoln was the best and smartest American President ever. Everybody loves Lincoln. And we all know that Americans are the smartest and most intelligent and best and most advanced society ever created - verily, we are the "End of History."

Lincoln was the most important piece of the puzzle of the American History that led to us, er I mean the US. He was practically the
architect of the modern USA. The designer even. And a very intelligentone at that. Logic dictates that Americans being the best and greatest ever must have invented evolution, and Abraham Lincoln is the one indispensable part of America and what got us to this very point in history, so therefore, Abraham Lincoln is the most intelligent designer that ever lived. Abraham Lincoln is the progenitor of all of creation. Thus he is the Intelligent Designer, the designer of creation and evolution and everything in the whole world.


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